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Dried flower bouquets are – again – in trend!

Dried flower bouquets are the recent decorative trend, the new „must have“ for every interior!
These bouquets in vintage and bohemian look are making a remarkable comeback. They are very practical and do not require any special care, apart from a quick dusting with a hairdryer (on a cool, gentle setting). There is no need to cut the stems, remove wilted flowers or change the water in the vase. Dried bouquets therefore do not need any special care.

Lavender dry flowers

About this item

  • Package includes 1 pound of lavender buds. very clean, beautiful color and fresh fragrance.
  • Filled with 100% natural dried Ultra Blue Grade lavender buds. No harmful chemicals.
  • Ultra Blue grade placed under the pillow is too extravagant,Many uses for sachets, potpourri, pest deterrent etc.
  • Relax body and mind by adding a dose of lavender into your day. Fill the air with an aromatic potpourri or gift craft sachets to your friends and family.
  • We aim to offer the highest quality authentic dried lavender flower buds, both in fresh fragrance and beautiful color. WA – LOOK FOR THE TooGet LOGO ON ALL OUR PRODUCT’S PACKAGE !

Where can I buy dried flower bouquets?

Are you looking for beautiful bouquets of dried flowers to decorate your home? Do you want to give some beautiful dried flowers to your best friend who is a vintage fan? Take a look at our brand new collection of dried flower bouquets, composed from the most beautiful flowers and grasses in vibrant colors.

Dried bouquets at 24blooms

For our dried flower collection we are inspired by the natural charm of white rhodium, yellow craspedia, pink larkspur, blue thistles and the simple beauty of dried wheat and oats.
These dried flowers, which make up the beautiful dried flower bouquets, are the new stars of interior design.

How do you care for dried flower bouquets?

Protect the bouquets of dried flowers from moisture, because a dried bouquet should always be kept dry.
To keep the colors bright, it is best to avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight.
Dried flowers need very little care, but they can be dusted occasionally with a hairdryer on a low, cool setting.The best durability of dried bouquets

Avoid humidity and direct sunlight to best preserve their colors. Due to the natural nature of these products, the branches may vary slightly in size and color.

With a dry bouquet you can add a touch of poetry to your everyday life

With the handmade, everlasting dried flower bouquets you create a trendy atmosphere in your home. When you choose this more durable and eco – friendly option, you are inviting the beauty of nature to stay in your home for months or years. From exotic to seasonal, these dried bouquets are designed by hand. Compiled by trendy florists by combining dried grasses with dried flowers over and over again.

Each dried flower bouquet is unique

Each dried flower bouquet is an individual creation and contains its own unique combination of dried flowers. Each bouquet varies a little in the assortment, so that you always have a surprise element in every order. Dried flowers and grasses are a more lasting way to add a trendy touch to your own living environment.