Orchids Delivery


Orchids Delivery

Orchid Flower Delivery for your Occasion in the US

Orchids – Through a network of florists associated on an international scale, we can send and deliver orchids in the USA and around the world.

Whether you’re sending a phalaenopsis orchid to your friend, or delivering an orchid plant to someone special, 24blooms has beautiful orchids and floral arrangements, all designed to delight. The premium orchid presentation will surely impress both now and in the months to come thanks to long-lasting blooms.

How to send and deliver orchids in the USA?

We deliver flowers home from the nearest flower shops, and we have a network of selected flower shops by our standards of quality and logistics to ensure timely delivery of Orchids and always with the highest quality.

Get the best orchid plants that come with local delivery in the US.

At 24blooms we offer the highest quality of orchid plants that are beautiful for any occasion. The best part is that you get to enjoy free delivery to any location of your choice, without a minimum purchase order amount.

Our orchids are freshly grown, comes in multiple colors of pink and purple, and they come with a pot with each orchid.

Orchids make beautiful gifts beyond expectations

In terms of beauty, classic, and exotic appeal, the orchid flower can even go beyond expectations. There are plenty of elegant varieties of orchids at the flower shop and they make great flower gifts for delivery on any occasion.

With the online florist, you can send gifts online to anywhere in Singapore to express your emotions and sentiments and to greet a special celebrant. The beauty of orchids never goes out of season, and you always have a choice for charming flower gifts with orchid flowers no matter what the occasion is.

Orchids can last even beyond celebrations

When you give potted plants of Orchids via Orchid Flower Delivery, the flowers can last even beyond the celebration. The durability of the Orchids can be enjoyed for weeks, especially those in pots and cans. 

Depending on the species of Orchids, one can last up to 6 months and more. You can ask the florist in the US for the best Orchid flower to send or give, whether in pots, cans, or planters, or wrapped in flower wrappers

A guide to caring for your orchids

Most people might find it difficult to care for their orchids. Fret not, we will share with you some tips and tricks on caring for your orchid.

You should place the orchid in an area where it can receive natural light. You have to water the plant weekly and feed it with fertilizer once a month. It would be easier for you to encourage the orchid to bloom by placing it in an area with a low temperature.

Firstly, ensure that you do not place your orchid under direct sunlight. The strong and intense heat might break the orchid’s bloom. You need to ensure that your orchid is being kept in a warm and humid environment, without the intense heat.

Next, once your orchid has fully bloomed, cutting off the flower spike near the base of the orchid might be a good idea. This would allow you to move the orchid to a different pot after snipping the orchid away.

Where to buy potted orchids in the US.

24blooms orchids are mostly potted orchids to ensure the plant can survive for a long time. 

Typically, these orchids need to be watered only once every 7 days to ensure that they are being kept moist. We highly recommend that you do not shift the orchid out of its original pot before it has fully bloomed as this might cause distress on the plant. There is a chance that the plant might lose its bloom as a result of this.