Send Sunflowers

Send sunflowers

Sunflowers are an expression of cheer and joy. With our selection of sunflower bouquets that you can send throughout Germany, we do honor these radiant flowers.

With the effect of a bouquet of sunflowers, you express your intense attachment, and you will put a smile on the recipient’s face.

If you want to order and send long-stemmed sunflowers online, you can find the right sunflower bouquet from 10 online stores here.

Send sunflowers today

Easily find the best offers of long-stemmed sunflowers from 10 stores, and you have the possibility to order them online right now.

If you want to send a sunflower bouquet today, please order the bouquet (Mon. To Fri.) by 2 pm. The corresponding sunflower bouquets are described with „TODAY DELIVERABLE“.

Discover the bold and vibrant beauty of sunflowers for men. Explore our collection and brighten his day!“

Send long-stemmed sunflowers

The long-stemmed sunflowers are offered by almost all suppliers in bright yellow. Each bouquet of sunflowers can be ordered online and have a greeting card enclosed with a custom greeting card text.

However, it may not be necessary to add a card with text during the ordering process. Such a bouquet with long sunflowers speaks for itself! Of course, any bouquet with sunflowers can be ordered and sent anonymously and without a greeting card.

Up to 70 cm long sunflowers set in the scene

The sunflowers with a length of about 60 cm are an eye-catcher in any room. It is best to order the sunflowers without additional greenery. In a floor vase made of glass, they work best. In a bright location without direct sunlight, the play of colors of bright sunflowers comes to its own best.

Sending a bouquet of sunflowers is full of symbolic meaning
When you send sunflowers, you are sending one of the most recognizable and popular flowers. With its radiant size and bright yellow, it is unique in the floral world. The bright yellow represents an unforgettable summer.

Many artists such as the famous artist Vincent van Gogh were and are inspired by the impressive flowers.

The price of long-stemmed sunflowers varies
Depending on the season, the price of long-stemmed sunflowers can vary greatly. When the demand for long-stemmed sunflowers increases for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, the producing growers cannot produce as many sunflowers as demanded.

Therefore, the price of long-stemmed sunflowers can just skyrocket these days. For example, long-stemmed sunflowers that cost $1.50 in mid-July may have a price of $6 or $7 on Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to send fresh sunflowers?

Until mid-October, sunflowers are produced in domestic nurseries and shipped throughout Germany. Between November and June, almost all sunflowers are imported from Israel, for example, and sent to Germany by air freight.

In February, for example, sunflowers are always imported. Sunflowers are also grown in US greenhouses, but the sunlight in winter in Northern USA is not sufficient to produce a solid quality.

Often, florists and mail-order florists cannot order enough sunflowers at a reasonable price to meet the extreme demand on certain days of the year.

Tips for making long-lasting friends with a bouquet of sunflowers
In order for the thought of ordering long-stemmed sunflowers to accompany the recipient for a long time, the sunflowers should be taken care of properly. As a rule, the sunflowers are not delivered in such a way that they can be placed directly into a vase.

For a long shelf life of sunflowers is crucial, to oblique incision with a sharp kitchen knife. An angled gating increases the area over which the vase water can be absorbed.

It is also common for sunflowers ordered online to have a freshness preservative added to the delivery. Please add the freshener to the vase water before setting the freshly cut long-stemmed sunflowers.

For the long shelf life of the sunflowers, the location should be as cool as possible without direct sunlight.

A sunflower made to measure

In addition to the length of the stem of the sunflower is also the size of the flower head, which speaks to the recipient. The motto here is „stand out and stand out“ at any cost.

Sunflowers with a particularly long stem make the affection of the giver unmistakably clear, and are particularly suitable when you want to cheer someone up.

The Joy of Sunflowers: Captivating Beauty and Symbolism

At [Our Company], we are delighted to share with you the enchanting allure of sunflowers, a radiant gift from nature that never fails to captivate hearts. In this comprehensive article, we explore the magnificence of sunflowers, their symbolic meanings, and the joy they bring to our lives. Join us on a journey to discover the secrets and wonders of these golden treasures.

The Sunflower’s Splendor

Sunflowers (scientifically known as Helianthus annuus) are renowned for their striking appearance, characterized by their vibrant yellow petals surrounding a dark, circular center. With their imposing height and large, expressive blooms, these flowers stand tall as a symbol of natural beauty and resilience.

A Botanical Marvel

Sunflowers belong to the Asteraceae family, which includes over 23,000 species. Originating from the Americas, they have spread their sunny presence across the globe, becoming cherished ornamental plants and a staple of artistic inspiration.

The Heliotrope Wonder

One remarkable trait of sunflowers is their heliotropes, the tendency to orient themselves towards the sun. This phenomenon, also known as solar tracking, allows the flowers to maximize their exposure to sunlight, resulting in optimal growth and development. Witnessing a field of sunflowers gracefully turning their faces towards the sun is a breathtaking sight to behold.

Symbolism and Cultural Significance

Beyond their visual appeal, sunflowers hold deep symbolic meanings that have resonated with various cultures throughout history. These interpretations illuminate the diverse ways in which these flowers have touched the human spirit.

The Sun’s Radiance and Vitality

As the name suggests, sunflowers draw a profound connection to the sun, representing its life-giving energy and radiance. They symbolize warmth, light, and the essential role of the sun in sustaining life on Earth. The magnificent blooms serve as a reminder to embrace positivity, harness inner strength, and bask in the brilliance of life’s opportunities.

Nurturing the Seeds of Happiness

Sunflowers also symbolize happiness, joy, and optimism. Their cheerful countenance and vibrant color palette evoke feelings of delight and contentment. Gifted to loved ones, sunflowers convey heartfelt wishes for a bright and fulfilling future, uplifting spirits, and spreading smiles with their sunny disposition.

Admiration and Adoration

Throughout history, sunflowers have captured the admiration of artists, poets, and dreamers. Van Gogh’s iconic paintings immortalized these flowers, evoking a sense of awe and reverence for their beauty. By incorporating sunflowers into our lives, we honor the pursuit of artistic expression, creativity, and the appreciation of nature’s masterpieces.

Sunflowers as Gifts

The timeless appeal of sunflowers makes them an exceptional choice for gifting. Whether for a special occasion or simply to brighten someone’s day, the heartfelt gesture of presenting sunflowers brings boundless joy and leaves a lasting impression.

Celebrating Milestones

Sunflowers make an excellent gift for significant milestones and celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and promotions are all moments where the uplifting presence of sunflowers can convey congratulations and well wishes in a meaningful way.

Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

When expressing gratitude or appreciation, sunflowers express heartfelt emotions and gratitude like no other flower. Their vibrant yellow petals reflect the warmth and appreciation we feel toward those who have touched our lives. Whether it’s a mentor, a friend, or a family member, sunflowers speak volumes in a language of gratitude.

Enhancing Spaces with Sunshine

Bringing sunflowers into our living spaces creates an ambiance that radiates positivity and vibrancy. A bouquet of sunflowers on a dining table, an arrangement